Friday, 23 October 2009

Things to Remember

Things to Remember 01

I've been collecting these fantastic, vintage doilies and handkerchiefs from op shops. I just find them very beautiful and wanted to do something with them.
I've been doing a lot of self reflection. A lot of reading about philosophies, mantras, and "self-help" books. I've been having a lot of discussions with willing friends.
I've started writing down quotes that speak to me. They are motivational, inspirational, philosophical or ponderable.

Things to Remember 01
"Things Can Change"
Diameter: 16.5 cm (6.5”)
Upcycled doily with cotton hand-embroidered message.

"Things can change" is the first of the Things to Remember series; an ongoing project embroidering inspirational, thoughtful and/or quirky messages on upcycled linens.

I've been enjoying the reactions to this one the most out of all the pieces so far. Do you find this as a positive, hopeful message? Is it perhaps a bit more sinister for you?

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