Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Things to Remember

Things to Remember 02

A saying that particularly stands out to me because I am a procrastinator and a worrier. I have countless of times let opportunities pass me by because I was too busy trying to work out all the "what if"'s.

Things to Remember 02
"We will not know unless we begin"
Diameter: 18 cm (7”)
Upcycled doily with cotton hand-embroidered message.

Sometimes it's easier to remember that everything doesn't need to be all planned out and put into place before it is begun; it's okay for things to evolve and to go with the flow.

Things to Remember 02

Once again, the only part that's by my hand is the lettering. All other embroidery and design was already done before the doily came into my hands.
I find myself reflecting not only on the words I'm adding, but also of whoever embroidered these designed originally, as the delicate little flowers and edging were all handmade as well; far too delicate for machinery.
I wonder what they were like. I wonder how old they were when they stitched these. I wonder what they would think of the words I'm adding.

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