Friday, 27 November 2009

Turn-a-Square Hat!

I've been busy, busy crafting, sadly.. I still can't share any of it with you, Doh!
Which is a shame, because I'm pretty excited to share some, just a few more weeks now what is it, 27 sleeps until Chrissy?

Anyways.. something that I CAN show you is a bit of birthday knitting I did a couple weeks ago, modeled by the happy recipient:

Birthday Hat!

Pattern: Turn A Square Hat by Jared Flood (Ravelry link!)
Yarn: The last of my dark brown Lion Brand 100% wool and Noro
Needles: US 5 and US 6 circulars

Aside from going down a needle size, I didn't change anything about the pattern; it's so quick to make (I threw this sucker together in an afternoon when I realized I was running out of time to send the package in time to reach the recipient in time!) and what a satisfying result! I do love myself some Noro.

Birthday Hat!

He loves it too and my fears that it would be too big seem to be for naught, fits him just fine!
Happy Birthday to my favourite guy in Kosovo!

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